Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

At Southern Colorado Clinic’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, a medical specialty that focuses on the recovery from musculoskeletal injuries, we can help restore function, promote healing, and alleviate pain in patients with a wide variety of acute injuries and chronic conditions. 

We offer a tailored medical program to treat a variety of conditions including industrial and workplace injuries, sports injuries, chronic medical conditions, and many other musculoskeletal injuries with a one-on-one treatment approach beginning with an expert evaluation and diagnosis of the injury. A patient’s lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as their values and desired outcome (such as avoiding surgery or medication), we combined to then prescribe a treatment program based on the most current and advanced therapies and technologies to treat the injury or condition and to prevent future recurrence.

Whether you have a relatively minor injury, or a life changing condition, we can customize a treatment program that is tailored specifically to your individual condition, needs, and desired outcome.

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