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What makes our practice different?

Pueblo Physical Therapy

Our Services Include:

Evidence based and protocol centered care to promote optimal soft tissue healing, reduce pain and restore function for a rapid recovery and reduced re-injury potential.

Lymphedema Complete Decongestive Therapy Complete Decongestive Therapy is the “Gold Standard” of effective treatment and management of Lymphedema. We will assist in decongesting your swollen regions and assist in training you to effectively manage your condition long term.

Functional Mechanics and Bio-Mechanical Analysis Functional mechanic correction and training to reduce our patients’ potential of re-injury or pain return caused by postural, ergonomic errors or movement dysfunction.

Return to play quickly and successfully with mechanical assessment and sport specific exercise tailored to correct mechanical breakdowns in sport activities that cause overuse injuries.

Intramuscular manual therapy to assist in relieving pain, tension headaches and over use injuries of muscles, joints and tendons to ensure a rapid return to activities and reduce the risk of symptom return.

Treatment of movement disorders including stroke, MS and Parkinson’s Syndrome to assist and improve independent mobility.

Treatment of BPPV and other disturbances of the vestibular system to restore normal sensory integration and improve safety and balance.

Prevention of the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and wellness oriented programs for healthier active lifestyles.

Optimize performance and/or ensure a safe return to play after injury.

2-D video analysis and sport specific functional testing will identify and correct mechanical flaws before they effect performance or cause injury.

Fascial adhesions can alter mobility and range of motion and ultimately lead to injury.  Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization uses specialy beveled instruments to help detect and loosen fascial adhesions to restore motion and mobility.

Physical Therapy Providers

Jaymie Ownbey, DPT​

Jaymie Ownbey, DPT

Shannon Snow, PT

Shannon Snow, PT

Ralph Bidwell, MSPT

Ralph Bidwell, MSPT


Lindsey Zangaris, PTA

Elizabeth Toler, PTA

Elizabeth Toler, PTA

BettyAnn Massino, LCMT

BettyAnn Massino, LCMT